MCD-V9 Under Vehicle Surveillance System

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under vehicle surveillance system (UVSS) for under vehicle security check. It helps detect contraband and illegal rendition under the vehicle quickly. It is faster and more accurate than the traditional under vehicle inspection mirror, greatly improved the speed and accuracy of the vehicle safety inspection, and saved time and manpower.

Type: Under Vehicle Surveillance System

Brand: MCD



Product Detaills

Product introduction:

MCD-V9 Under vehicle surveillance system mainly adopt to inspect the beneath part of a variety of vehicles.It can quickly and accurately identify threats/contraband/smuggling of persons hiding at the bottom. UVSS greatly improved vehicle safety inspection speed and accuracy,reduce investment in human resources. Airport,prison house,customs and other government departments, as well as the large public parking entrance where to check whether the ca have contraband. Large events,and the checking of entrance of the exhibition for the safety inspection of vehicle.Using for security inspection,explosion-proof,army vehicle at the bottom.

System Software:

1.The use of linear CCD scanning dynamic mode imaging(color matching)

2.Store or load time:<1 second

3.Vehicle image display mode:large format transverse

4.Vehicle image storage format:BMP or JPEG

5.System interface language:English(can be customized)

6.Display resolution:adapt to all kinds of display resolution

7.Vehicle image data transmission interface:network RJ45

8.Scene image resolution:≥1 channel

9.Image retrieval function test:it will be effected according ti the date,time,license plate number,such as information retrieval and to store the car license plate image

10.Scene image display:≥12000 x 6144

11.Automatic Vehicle images taken:when the vehicle at a speed of 1 to 60km/h by car scanner,vehicle passed,system display the image within the 1s, when the vehicle in the car scanner image acquisition area still after a certain period of time to continue through car scanner,car shows a complete image.

12.Image automatic storage,delete function:save not less than 10000 image,automatically deleted the picture that expired.

13.Image quality adjustment function:it can produce the car or license plate image saturation,contrast,balance,sharpening adjustment;To zoom in on processing,and magnification for 16 class,and can enlarge local display.

Vehicle image scanner,control equipment and environment adaptability:

1.Vehicle mode:linear scanning,the ground sensor coil trigger

2.Vehicle speed:1-60km/h.suggest speed:less than 3-km/h

3.View angle: 170 degrees

4.Image longitudinal resolution:2048 pixels CCD

5.Scanner connecting cable:100 meters(can be customized)

6.Lighting components:Four single sealed LED surface light source;Life:5000h

7.Under vehicle image scanner with a unique open-wide field scan design

8.Working voltage:DC24V

9.Power   supply:AC110V-240V/50-60Hz

10.Structure design:single sealed design

11.Loading weight:50 Tons

12.Scanner size:1200*350*210mm


14.Environment temperature:-20 degrees~+60 degrees

15.The equipment working environment parameter display function:it can be on the power box built-in LCD screen display environment parameters such as temperature,humidity,atmospheric pressure.

System host server and display:

1.Display:22 inch color LCD screen

2.CPU:INTEL core Quad-Core processor

3.Motherboard:dedicated motherboard

4.Memory:DDR3,more than 4GB

5.Hard card:500G high-speed hard disk

6.Graphics card: DDR3,192BIT independent graphics

7.Appearance: stainless steel composite material

8.Working voltage: AC220V 50/60Hz

9.Working current:3A

10.Working temperature:-20℃~60℃

License plate recognition system(domestic only):

1.Standard license plate recognition module 1 road,can be equipped with extended to 2 or more road.

2.A single character recognition accuracy: ≥99%

3.The average recognition time: <20ms

4.The card identification accuracy:≥95%

5.License plate image allows horizontal angle: -10~+10 degrees

6.Except characters(Chinese characters)accuracy:≥93%

7.Video SNR >48db