MCD-3000 Dangerous Liquids Detector

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MCD-3000 is a desktop dangerous liquids detector equipped in many metro stations, helping passengers keeping their water or drink without dumping it before security inspection.

Type: Dangerous Liquids Detector

Brand: MCD

SKU: MCD-3000


Product Detaills

MCD-3000 technical parameters

Detection principle: Capacitance array multi-channel detection technology + heat conduction detection technology

Does it contain radioactive sources: No

Sampling method: non-contact sampling

Detectable types: it can detect more than 90 kinds of flammable, explosive, corrosive and toxic hazardous chemicals (see appendix for specific names)

Detectable container: (non-metallic material) container material plastic, glass, ceramic and paper (without tin foil layer)

Container size: 30mm diameter 300mm

Container wall thickness: 5.0 mm

Container capacity: 5000ml

Fastest detection: time 1.0 second

Detectable container: (metal material) container material iron, aluminum and other metal containers

Container size: 30mm diameter 200mm

Container wall thickness: 0.3 mm

Container capacity: 2000ml

Fastest detection: time 4.0 seconds

Detectable minimum liquid volume: 50ml

Detectable minimum liquid height: 30 mm

Boot time: 2 seconds

Alarm mode: text alarm, sound alarm, light alarm

Alarm reset: automatic reset

False alarm rate 1%

Component identification: The specific name of the main component of the dangerous liquid in the tested container can be displayed

Recognition rate: 90%

Hazard reminder: The hazard characteristics and treatment methods of dangerous liquids can be given

Counting function: with automatic counting function

User authority setting function: The system software should have user authority setting function, authorized users can use the instrument charging management, brightness adjustment, volume adjustment, network connection and other functions

Automatic verification: automatic verification at boot

Display 7-inch TFT color screen (with touch, adjustable backlight)

Interface: USB interface, RJ45 network interface

Data storage: 1 million

Online upgrade: The sample database can be upgraded on site by authorized users

Whole machine weight: 8.0 kg

Working energy consumption: 10 W

Power input: mains input AC180-240V (50 / 60 Hz)

Built-in battery: Capacity: 3000 mAh / 12V

Working time: 5 hours

Working environment: Working temperature:-10 ℃ ~ 55

The temperature of the measured container: 0 ℃ ~ 40 (liquid can not be solidified)

Environmental humidity: 95% (no condensation)

Storage environment clean, dry and ventilated

Temperature:-10 ℃ ~ 55

Humidity: 90%

Dimensions: 470 mm × 340 mm × 165 mm

Accessories: power cord, instruction manual