Walkthrough Metal Detectors

Maybe you're considering going through a metal detector at your workplace or educational facility. Where do you start?

In fact, there are many options to choose from when it comes to metal detectors, all at different price points and with different features. For those worried about budgets, there are low-feature options like the Zorpro 18-zone metal detector. The other, the Metor 6M, can be installed in minutes without any experience.

Some of the big dads at the top of the food chain are Garrett PD6500i and RapiScan Metor 6E. These models have super accurate 33-point displays and strong security. The Metor even has an optional radiation detection function.

To better understand which metal detector to choose, it helps to know the answer to a question.

How exactly does a penetrating metal detector work?

Penetrating metal detectors with 33 zones Most metal detectors use pulse or continuous wave technology. In short, when a surge passes through a copper coil, it creates an electromagnetic field. As the metal passes through the magnetic field, the sensor detects the magnetic field reflected off the metal object. This magnetic field reacts with the receiving coil, triggering an alarm.

That's what metal detectors can do. For example, while some metal detectors can only sense iron (iron based) objects, others are capable of detecting non-ferrous metal objects. High-end metal detectors can detect smaller objects, while some cheaper models are less sensitive and can only detect larger objects.

When an object is found, an alarm sound and an indicator bar are activated to indicate the location of the object. That's where high-end cars shine. Cheaper units typically show only 6 or 10 zones, while the strongest units can pinpoint 33 or more. The chart on the right illustrates this.

Now that we know how they work, let's look at the details. There are so many choices, which one is the best? Here we'll break down our favorites into three categories:

Budget-Friendly : Both models are at the lower end of the price range, but still perform well.

Top-of-the-Line : Four of the most expensive, yet reliable, fully functional metal detectors. You get what you pay for.

Value for money: Two options, striking a balance between low price and versatility.

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