MCD-3003B2 Hand-held Metal Detector

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MCD-3003B2 is a small handheld metal detector for security checking. It is easy to use, without any adjustment controller, fast response to detect metal objects, sound and LED lightemitting alarm simultaneously. A clear lowfrequency tones sound can be heard when detect small metals, and high audio tone can be heard when detect large metal objects.

Type: Hand-held Metal Detector

Brand: MCD

SKU: MCD-3003B2


Product Detaills

Product Parameters:

1.Alarm Indication  : Audio alert and LED indicator work together

2.Sensitivity :3cm(for a RMB one YUAN Coin)

3.Power Supply:9V fold battery (6F22ND),Low battery indication,can connect with charger,(battery and charger are optional accessory,not included )

4.Quiescent Current :<12mA  Operation Current:Audio and LED<50mA ,Vibration<107mA

5.Body Size:415*90*45mm

6.Net Weight: 360g    Gross Weight: 445g

7.Color Box size:425*100*55mm

8.Package Size:51*28*45cm (25pcs/carton,12kg/carton)


Feature and Application:

1.Easy and convenient operation

2.Non-slip grip design: user-friendly

3.Operation direction:both sizes of the LED lights will alarm when targets are detected.

4.Low battery consumption:Standby currents are zero, and under working status, the current is less than 1mA.

5.High accuracy and sensitivity:can accurately detect very small metal items (0.1g, or even less).

6.Low battery alarm: when the battery is low or insufficient, the LED light will be in red to indicate the replacement of battery.

7.Different sounds alarm different sizes of metals.

8.External headset can be used in a noise environment.

9.Large Scan area,stable performance,durable,equip with professional leather, be used for school or factory where need not high sensitivity security check.

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