MCD-3000S Probe Liquid Detector

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Type: Probe Liquid Detector

Brand: MCD

SKU: MCD- 3000S


Product Detaills

project instruction

Piece detection time within 1 second

Detection bottle volume:   >50ml

Testing bottle thickness:    <3.5mm

Minimum liquid detection volume The liquid in the bottle shall not be less than 60mm deep

Detection bottle material :   plastic bottle or glass bottle


Inflammable and explosive liquids:  gasoline, diesel, kerosene, ethanol, petroleum ether, etc.

Non-flammable and explosive liquids : Water (including various soft drinks, milk and other non-flammable and explosive liquids)

Can detect more than 20 kinds of dangerous liquids


Device Size :Length 280 mm Width 68mm Height 58mm

Weight :290g (including battery weight)

Detect liquid temperature : 5-40°C

Alarm sound and light alarm, text alarm


Grid automatic recovery Automatic recovery of alarm status

Automatic shutdown will enter the automatic shutdown state if no operation within 10s

High temperature storage : 55±2°C for 4 hours without power

Low temperature storage:  -15±2°C 4 hours, no power